Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Building Ngrep 1.45 on VS2008

update (08-04-2009) check up Ngrep for JSER mod in today's post

Needed to fine tune Ngrep for windows, downloaded the source from the net but it wasn't compatible with the new VS2008 distrib. after some time messing around with it got to a very clean solution, all code changes are marked in green:

  1. download Ngrep sources
  2. download WinCap sources
  3. extract and open with VS2008
  4. fix include lib to point to the WinCap location
  5. open up regex.c and change the regerror() definition
    from this:

    regerror (errcode, preg, errbuf, errbuf_size)
    int errcode;
    const regex_t *preg;
    char *errbuf;
    size_t errbuf_size;

    to this:
    int errcode,
    const regex_t * preg,
    char * errbuf,
    size_t errbuf_size)

  6. open ws2tcpip.h from microsoft SDK (usally under c:\program files\microsoft SDKs) and add an ifndef macro definition of you choice (i name it NGREP_COMPILE) before the NTDDI_VERSION LONGHORN check like this:

    #ifndef NGREP_COMPILE

    close this macro at the end of the LONGHORN and add the endif so it will close the wrapper like this:

    #endif // TYPEDEFS
    #endif // LONGHORN
    #endif //NGREP_COMPILE

  7. in config.h define the macro you set in step 6:

    add macro definition to end of file like this:

    #define USE_DROPPRIVS 0
    #define DROPPRIVS_USER "notused"
    #define NGREP_COMPILE

  8. that's it now compile and build your self-tailored Ngrep for windows.

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